We are happy to announce that Alberta Hands & Voices will be launching an ASTra (Advocacy Support Training) Program early in 2020.
The ASTra program will provide Hands & Voices trained advocates to support families struggling with their child’s educational services and communication access. Our chapter will be able to provide families with advocacy resources, support, and in some cases attend an IPP meeting with a family. We feel strongly that experienced parents can be great assets to other families new to educational advocacy.
We are currently recruiting dedicated volunteer parents to join our ASTra team. Successful applicants must attend a two day training session in February 2020. This is currently a volunteer position. Once the chapter can support it, we will be moving towards this being a position paid by a monthly stipend.
 Before applying, please consider the following as minimum requirements.
1. Do you have a reliable means of transportation?
2. Are you willing to meet with families within their home?
3. Are you willing to travel within your area?
4. Are you willing to attend IPP Meetings with families?
5. Are you willing and available to attend our two day training and subsequent on-going training?
6. Are you a member in good standing of Alberta Hands & Voices?
For more information or to obtain an application form, please email