Parent Toolkit Sections

Section 06 – Communication ConsiderationsCollection of articles on important topics like technology, listening fatigue, etc.
Section 07 – Hearing Losses and ConditionsShort write-ups on specific losses and conditions.
Section 08 – AdvocacyHow to become an effective advocate and encourage your child to self-advocate.
Section 09 – TransitionsA must read for important transitions like kindergarten and middle school.
Section 10 – Funding and SupportsPossible funding sources and how to choose specialized providers (e.g., PUF).
Section 11 – Keeping TrackTips on keeping track and organizing important information and documents.
Section 12 – ResourcesList of Alberta, national and international resources and organizations.
Section 05 – Communication BasicsThe different communication methods, information on decision-making and who makes up your support team.
Section 04 – Hearing BasicsEar anatomy, types and causes of hearing loss and how hearing is assessed.
Section 03 – After DiagnosisArticles on coping with emotions, parenting strategies and where to find support.
Section 02 – What’s InsideDescribes what’s inside and how to start using the toolkit.
Section 00 – PreambleToolkit contributors and table of contents.
Section 01 – IntroductionIntroduces Alberta Hands & Voice and the Guide by your Side Program.