Who We Are

Our Alberta Hands & Voices Board of Directors is a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about supporting families of children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Our directors include parents, professionals, and members of the Deaf/HoH community who are all focused on enabling DHH children to reach their highest potential!

President—Jennifer Magnusson

jenniferm-sqJennifer has been involved in Alberta Hands and Voices since moving to Alberta in 2014 from BC, where she worked with BC Hands and Voices. She and her husband, Chris, have one son, David, who is 9 years old and hard of hearing. Jennifer is working hard to build an active family network in the Edmonton area so kids who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing have a community of friends, mentors, and role models. As a teacher, Jennifer is also interested in educational advocacy and would love to see all Deaf/HoH children get all the support they need to be successful in school.  

Vice President—Lindsay Cummings

Lindsay has been involved with Alberta Hands and Voices for the past four years and a board member since spring of 2016. Lindsay and her husband, Gord, adopted their youngest son in 2012 at age 4 who has bilateral Cochlear Implants. Lindsay works in the social services field with families who have children/youth with disabilities, has decent-ish ASL skills, enjoys cooking, reading, traveling and spending too much time with her cats. She is working to get the word out about Hands and Voices and enjoys connecting with others to help them advocate for their D/HOH children.

Treasurer—Antony Chan


Secretary—Jessi Sawatzky


Board Members

Kathi Osinchuk


Tanis Harty


Kelty Fisher


Sarah MacKay